Cheltenham Festival – An Iconic Race Meeting That Should Not Be Missed

Cheltenham Festival has continued to win the hearts and minds of many people, especially horse race enthusiasts and punters, from its very earliest years. Known as one of the greatest occasions in the racing calendar, The Cheltenham Festival 2019 is going to be the centre of the racing world for four consecutive days of March. In this span of time, everyone expects to see brilliant horses in every race, but of course, there will be event highlights that you don’t want to miss. These include the Champion Hurdle on the first day, the Queen Mother Champion Chaser on the second day and the Ryanair Chase and Stayers’ Hurdle on the third day. The last day’s featured race is the Gold Cup, where most people will place a wager and will be wildly cheering for their favourite horses, hoping that their horse will win and they’ll bring home some cash.

Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival Tips: Different Types Of Horse Racing Bets You Can Place

Betting is one activity that’s inextricably linked to horse racing so it’s not surprising that almost everyone attending the Cheltenham Festival will have a certain horse they want to back. If you already have a favourite runner, perhaps you’re also planning on placing a wager on it. But before you do that, for the uninformed, you should know there are different types of bets you can place. Firstly, there’s the straight bet, which is the beginners’ go-to bet-type. Here, things are kept simple because you will only bet on one horse to win its race. Take note, though, that pay-out prices may vary depending on where you place your bet. Another common type of wager in the world of horse racing is the each-way bet. Consisting of two parts, this bet-type has a ‘Win’ part and a ‘Place’ part. Opting for an each-way bet means you’ll still see a return whether your selection wins or finishes in first to fourth positions. Providers of Cheltenham Festival tips will tell you that placing an each-way bet is the right way to go when you’re uncertain that your selection will finish first, but you have a feeling that they will do well in the race nonetheless. However, if you’re among those experienced punters whose main aim is to make profits during the Cheltenham Festival races, placing more elaborate wagers is usually the way to go. This is especially true if you have plenty of experience in betting and follow a strategic approach when placing a wager.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Cheltenham Tips When Making A Bet

Once you understand the different types of bets you can place, the next step is to get Cheltenham tips so you can plan your betting strategy accordingly. Usually, these tips are easily accessible online. But you’ll notice that there are some tipsters who will charge you a certain amount of money for their services, promising that you’ll get good profits in return. There’s nothing wrong about opting for paid tipster services especially if the provider has the right credentials. But why go this way if you can get Cheltenham horse racing tips for free? Yes, tips are also available for free and you can find them if you are patient enough to search the Internet. In fact, there are plenty of professional tipsters out there who share their views and other relevant information with no charge, and can make it more certain that you’ll get a good return for your money. By seeking help from these experts, you’ll be able to save cash to invest more in your bets. Don’t forget, in the betting world, there will always be people who will try to take advantage of you and your money. You might encounter tipsters who just fabricate their win rate and provide phony evidence if you ask for proof. And if you fall for their tricks, you’ll end up with unprofitable tips while also paying out outrageous subscriptions fees. However, if you opt to follow free tips from credible providers for the Cheltenham Gold Cup and other races throughout The Festival, then you’ve got much less to lose.

Effective Ways To Win At Cheltenham Betting

Horse racing is an unpredictable sport, which is why betting on races is generally considered to be a risky way to try and make money. However, it can’t be denied that it’s a fun and exciting thing to do when you’re watching the Cheltenham Festival. On a more serious note, though, no one wants to end up losing when placing wagers. So to avoid this and make sure you have a good chance of winning, start by studying the form. If you take a look at the various resources available about the Cheltenham races 2019, you’ll find there’s a wealth of information about racing statistics and the past performances of the horses that are competing this year. Take time to analyse their finishing positions in previous races as well as their performances over different distances and conditions. This will help you to predict which horses are more likely to win. You can further up your game in Cheltenham betting if you will keep tabs on the latest news. Updates on the participating jockeys and runners as well as their current form and past achievements will give you an idea of how they will perform this year. Figuring out how Cheltenham odds are set can also help you maximise your profits. These odds can be used to calculate the probability of a win and how much money you’ll make if your horse succeeds. Finally, don’t forget to look for trusted providers of racing news and tips like Cheltenham Festival 2019, because genuine tipster companies’ only aims are to help you win and to enjoy the festival as a whole.

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