Cheltenham Odds: The Key On Betting In The Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham odds are expected to fluctuate wildly as the Cheltenham Festival draws near. As it’s one of the biggest racing meetings in the United Kingdom, it also attracts a large pool of spectators and participants alike, not least horses from both Britain and Ireland competing in the hurdles. The Cheltenham Festival also features plenty of individual races throughout its four days, with the Gold Cup being the climax of the entire event. Seasoned and amateur gamblers alike can therefore bet on different horses in different races. But whichever race you choose to place your wager on, checking racing odds first is one of the key ways of increasing your chances of winning.

Cheltenham Odds

How To Ensure The Cheltenham FestivalOdds Are In Your Favour

Just like every other race, Cheltenham odds are available in newspapers, racing media, on betting websites and at racecourses. For those who’ve never placed a bet before, 2/1 odds means that for every £1 stake you place on a winning horse, you’ll gain £2. Placing a bet on the winning horse at 11/4 odds will give you £11 for every £4 wagered. You will certainly find a wealth of Cheltenham betting odds out there, and it is your call what to bet on. Remember, though, if you want to back favourites, high odds does not guarantee a win. On the other hand, you can take a bigger risk and bet on an outsider winning – it’s less certain, but if your horse does come in, you’ll get a bigger return on your stake! It’s also important to keep in mind that Cheltenham racing odds can and do change – sometimes dramatically – as the race draws near, depending on different factors. Always keep an eye out for this. Odds can become lower if there’s any hint from trainers that a horse isn’t at its peak; conversely, odds can move the other way if the horse is performing well. As for betting techniques, there are also a couple of ways that beginners might like to consider, aside from the typical betting on one horse to win one particular race. For instance, you can place an “each way” bet, where you’ll receive some money back if the horse is placed first, second or third. You can also try the Trixie, where you choose three horses in three different races, and receive some return even if one fails to win. Even more complicated is the Yankee. Here, you bet on four horses and there are 11 separate wagers: six doubles, four trebles, and an accumulator.

The Latest Cheltenham Odds And Trends To Remember

Since the Cheltenham Festival has the second largest prize pot of all the racing events of the season, checking the latest Cheltenham odds is essential if you want to improve your betting strategies. So what do you need to know? For starters, do check different websites offering the latest odds to see which horses are attracting the most attention and which ones are falling behind. Just make sure you are consulting legitimate sources when you do this. You can also check out the vibes coming from the stables themselves. Even in an industry as large as horse racing, specific horses, owners, trainers and jockeys will always tend to stand out from the crowd. If you read sporting media articles and columns about horse racing, you may find some names crop up over and over again, and these are ones to keep an eye on. Aside from checking the press and latest Cheltenham betting odds, also take note of the festival’s trends. Check which runners, trainers and jockeys have won in the past at Cheltenham. This can help you find a pattern which guides you towards a lucrative bet. For example, there are several instances when the same horse and jockey have won the Gold Cup more than once – like Kauto Star, who came first in both 2007 and 2009 with jockey Ruby Walsh. Even more impressively, Best Mate won three times in a row between 2002 and 2004 with jockey Jim Culloty. The internet is often a good source of up to date information for trends at Cheltenham, so be sure to check it out before placing bets.

Important Things To Check Alongside Cheltenham Races Odds

Although Cheltenham races odds are good indicators to use when betting, there’s always plenty of variables, even down to the fact that the performance of horses can depend on their mood. Even a favourite can be beaten and an underdog can rise up to be the winner. That’s why there are other factors to be considered too. First of all, check the horse’s form or its record of previous runs. Here, you can see the number of times the runner won, as well as the distance they have covered for each course. You should also take into consideration the weight of the horse, as in a handicap race, they will be assigned a specific amount of weight to carry. There is also the grade, which determines the difficulty of the race, with Grade 1 being the hardest and Grade 7 the easiest. Make sure any horse you’re thinking of betting on is entered into a race that’s suited to his ability. Finally, there are the trainers. They are the ones who keep the horses in good shape and on form. They also pick which jockey will fit a certain horse, so it can perform better. The most prominent trainers typically have stable jockeys. Do examine the trainers carefully to see how they manage their jockeys and train their horses for the races. Checking all of these things as well as the Cheltenham odds will usually allow you to make well-informed bets. And you can increase your chances of winning even more by keeping yourself updated with the latest news about the festival, which you can do through Cheltenham Festival 2019.

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