This Is Why New Vaccine Rules May Disrupt Cheltenham Races 2019

Cheltenham Races 2019

Due to the recent equine flu outbreak, new vaccination rules have been set. But a Welsh trainer warned that this might disrupt the preparations for Cheltenham races 2019. Previously, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) requires runners to be vaccinated against the virus in the last 12 months. Now, horses must have been vaccinated in the last six months before entering the race.

Tim Vaughan, a Glamorgan-based trainer, said that a booster vaccination can set a horse back for two weeks. He further explained that if the horses haven’t been vaccinated in the last six months, they have to vaccinate again. When this happens, they won’t be able to run for a minimum of six days because they need to rest for a couple of days after the vaccination. This causes them to miss a week of work, and another one for just doing gentle work. Vaughan added that this isn’t really something ideal to do one month before the Cheltenham gold cup.

Vaughan also has runners at the Cheltenham festival races and he was pleased that he immediately took the right action when the outbreak began. All of the horses in his yard have been given booster flu vaccinations recently so the new rules do not affect them at all. He also said that he doesn’t complain about the different restrictions that the BHA has put in place because after all, it’s for the benefit of the horseracing industry as a whole.

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This Is Why New Vaccine Rules May Disrupt Cheltenham Races 2019
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This Is Why New Vaccine Rules May Disrupt Cheltenham Races 2019
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